Electronic and fully automatic monitoring system


The IN-1000 has been developed by Allweiler for pumps that are used in critical and environmentally-sensitive applications. IN-1000 increases operational safety while reducing operating costs.


IN-1000 Master module with color display

IN-1000 Master – Satellite network


Connection to controll room

Connection via mobile device


IN-1000 is an electronic and fully automatic monitoring system. It can monitor several pumps centrally and can be retrofitted at any time. IN-1000 modules communicate together in a network. Thanks to its modular design, IN-1000 optimally adapts to plant design. Preconfigured settings help you to optimize the IN-1000 easily.


This technology covers simple status monitoring and complex monitoring tasks with high level of safety requirements and low operating costs. The operation is monitored continuously, fully automatically and recorded for later evaluations. If unusual operating conditions occur, they are reported immediately and displayed on the master module. This information can be displayed  in the control room as well as on mobile devices.


In this way, unplanned production downtime and consequential losses are minimized. Low maintenance and spare part costs are the result.