CM-1000  -  Electronic control reduces energy costs

CM-1000 is an intelligent pump controller for sea water cooling systems. The system maximizes shipboard pumping efficiency while simultaneously lowering operating costs, maintenance costs, and downtime.

Electronic control reduces energy costs by up to 85%, maintenance costs by approximately 50%, and significantly improves operational reliability of the entire sea water cooling system.
CM-1000 forgoes inefficient by-pass control and instead regulates the flow of cooling water by altering motor speed. As a result, the motor and pump always run in the optimal range and avoid so unnecessary overperformance. Energy savings are between 40% and 80%. Lower wear extends service life and minimizes maintenance expenses.

"CM-1000 provides ship owners and ship builders the opportunity for highly efficient, reliable operation that diminishes downtime,” said Christian Martin, Director Global Product Management CP at CIRCOR Pumping Technology. “It also provides fuel savings – largely a concern of fleet operators and superintendents. As fuel prices continue to fluctuate, this feature can provide a fast return on investment (ROI).”

CM-1000 provides condition monitoring of pump parts as well as operation monitoring. This enables early detection of potential wear, bearing damage, and dry running so maintenance can be planned further in advance, and sudden failures can be avoided. When a pump is subject to operate far in overload or partload with high risk of cavitation CM-1000 automatically intervenes to ensure continuous, safe operation and consistent pump performance. As a result, Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) is significantly extended.

shows detailed information and an easy energy savings calculator to find your annual energy savings possibilities.


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