Propeller pump for horizontal or vertical installation, PN 6

Pumped liquid

For handling with non-aggressive or aggressive fluids, uncontaminated or loaded with solids, cold or hot liquids

Main fields of application

Evaporation and crystallization plants, supply and circulating systems in all branches of industry, sewage and environmental engineering

Performance data Series ALLPRO PG

Capacity Q up to 11500 m³/h
Delivery head H up to 8,5 m
Discharge pressure pd up to 6 bar
Fluid temperature t up to 200 °C
No. Stages - up to - -

Construction features

  • Pump drive directly coupled or by gear or belt transmission
  • Pump casing in cast design
  • PGE:Horizontally or vertically suspended in the pipeline
  • PGF: Horizontal installation on a foundation
  • Shaft sealing in a variety of designs and materials