Oil and Gas
ALLPETRO® pumps are designed specifically to reliably move crude oil and related products of virtually any quality from drill hole to refinery:
  • Crude oils

(light, medium and heavy oils;

from API of less than 10 to above 20;

even contaminated; mineral and organic)

  • Diesel oils, petroleum, asphalt, bitumen 
  • Benzenes, benzines of all types
  • Liquid sulfur
  • Gasoline, kerosene, naphthalene, wax, soaps
  • Acidic/saline oils

Three-spindle "single end" pumps with a wide pressure range of up to 160 bar are ideal for smaller and medium flow volumes. "Double end" pumps are the right choice when lower pressure and larger flow are needed. Two-spindle screw pumps are particularly insensitive to contamination such as sand, rust, paraffin, and salt or gaseous oils. In addition, their viscosity range is so broad they can even pump water or similarly thin oil products just as reliably and efficiently as thicker materials like crude oil. Redundant double units provide virtually 100-percent availability and make maintenance and service easier.


Each ALLPETRO® pump complies with API 676. ALLWEILER is your one-stop source for all pumps and complete service related to moving oil.