Series AM

Macerator in in-line or block design

Pumped liquid

Liquids with solids content or fibrous parts, e.g. sludges

Main fields of application

Disintegration of solids contained in fluids making them pumpable for preparation, size reduction, mixing and process technologies, waste treatment

Performance data Series AM

CapacityQup to160l/min
Discharge pressurepdup to10bar
Differential pressurepdiffup to0.5bar
Viscosityvup to--mm²/s
Fluid temperaturetup to80°C
No. Stages-up to--

Construction features

  • Block design (Motor attached to pump via flange or lantern)
  • In-line design (suction and discharge branch in-line arranged)
  • Bulkhead mounting
  • Mounted in pipe
  • Dry installation
  • Vertical installation
  • Horizontal installation