Series 236.40

Two-Screw pump up to PN 16, horizontal

Pumped liquid

Water, seawater, oils, heavy fuel oils, light products

Main fields of application

Cargo pumps, bilge/ballast pumps, stripping pumps, general service pumps, trim pumps, transfer pumps, fire-fighting pumps for all branches of industries

Performance data Series 236.40

Capacity Q up to 1000 m³/h
Inlet pressure ps up to 10 bar
Discharge pressure pd up to 16 bar
Differential pressure pdiff up to 16 bar
Viscosity v up to 0,6..5000 mm²/s
Fluid temperature t up to 140 °C
Speed n up to 3000 1/min

Construction features

  • Double-entry
  • Built on pressure relief value
  • Interchangeable rotor housing/casing insert
  • Horizontal installation
  • Foot mounted design
  • Flanges acc. DIN or ANSI