Applications for Heat Transfer
Series with shaft seal:

Pumped liquid

Pump series
Hot water

up to 100°C:  

above 100°C:  

Mineral-based thermal oils NTT, NBT, NIT
Synthetic thermal oils
Series with magnet drive: 

Pumped liquid

Pump series
Hot water and
heat carrier oils                  

Chemical, specialty chemical, rubber and plastics industries, for example:

    • Distillation plants
    • Polymerization plants and cooling of reaction systems
    • Calenders for film production
    • Fiber production
    • Vulcanization machines


Bitumen and tar-processing industry, for example:

    • Bitumen tank farms
    • Roofing felt production systems


Mineral oil industry, for example:

    • Heavy oil plants
    • Plants for evaporation of solvents and extraction media 


Food Industry, for example:

    • Baking ovens
    • Bottle cleaning systems
    • Deep-frying systems
    • Starch-drying systems


Soap and detergent industry, for example:

    • Spraying and drying towers
    • Saponification systems


Wood and paper industry, for example:

    • Presses for particleboard, plywood and veneer
    • Gluing machines
    • Lamination rollers
    • Calender rollers and drying cylinders


Construction, quarrying and earth industries, for example:

    • Brick presses
    • Precast concrete production systems


Textile industry and laundry facilities, for example:

    • Dryers
    • Heating for presses, washing machines, mangles and ironing machines


Metal industry, for example:

    • Metal degreasing systems
    • Galvanic baths


Marine & Offshore, for example:

    • Heavy oil and bitumen chambers
    • Heat recovery from diesel engine exhaust on ships


Heating supply in commercial buildings

Applications categorized by consumer types

    • Air heaters
    • Stirring tanks, containers and baths
    • Heat exchangers
    • Steam generators
    • Industrial water suppliers
    • Roller cylinder heating
    • Press heating
    • Heating/cooling loops
    • Heating/cooling/low temperature cooling