Applications for Food and Pharmaceutical

Food and beverage technology


milk and egg products, chocolate, marzipan, honey, marmalade, sauces, molasses, liquid sugar, syrup, pomace, whey, pudding, ice cream, fruit and lemonade concentrates, mayonnaise, ketchup, pasta, cheese, mush, malt extract, pastries, doughs, fillings, grease, oils, meat/pieces, fish/pieces, fish oil, beer, wet waste and mash



Fruit and vegetable preparation


fruit pieces/mush, preserves, mustard, horseradish, soups, extracts and essences


Sugar industry


sugar syrup, sugar solutions, molasses and beet chips



Pharmaceutical- & Cosmetic - industry


pastes, ointments, proteins, cosmetics


Pump series

dosing and filling applications


dosing applications with high flowrate accuracy Gear metering pumps