DIN ISO 14001


The Radolfzell plant, and the foundry, are certified according to:

DIN 14001

Environmental policy

ALLWEILER''s executive board defines the basic elements of the company''s environmental policy and objectives. The executive board is committed to working with the UMB to make sure that this policy is understood and implemented in every area of Allweiler AG''s Radolfzell plant. Compliance with legal requirements and restrictions is a natural part of our business.


Environmental guidelines at the ALLWEILER AG Radolfzell plant

ALLWEILER will contribute to environmental protection, sustainable economies and, therefore, to the preservation of the natural foundations of human life by employing environmentally-friendly technologies and practicing production methods that conserve resources with the help of these technologies. ALLWEILER provides worldwide access to advanced environmentally-efficient technologies and applies them throughout the entire lifecycle of its products. We are committed to achieving continuous improvement in these areas.

ALLWEILER''s pump technology contributes to elevated industrial productivity and improved living standards that result in increased productivity.

ALLWEILER principles

  • Beyond compliance with environmental legislation and regulations, we work continuously to reduce our environmental impact and consumption of energy and resources.
  • Every employee is required to act in an environmentally-conscious manner. Awareness of environmental responsibility is expanded and promoted at all levels of the company and is a permanent responsibility of the company''s leadership.
  • We ensure that our environmental policy is implemented effectively. The technical and organizational processes necessary for this are checked on a regular basis and continuously improved.
  • We appeal to our business partners to employ environmental guidelines that are equal to our own. We work cooperatively with the responsible authorities. 
  • We inform the interested public about our company''s impact on the environment and our environment-related actions. We seek an open dialog with the public in order to receive information about how to improve the situation.
  • We support our customers in the environmentally-compatible use of our products.
  • ALLWEILER provides the resources needed to implement our environmental policies.


The ALLWEILER environmental policy is applicable to the ALLWEILER AG Radolfzell plant as a whole. All employees of the company are called upon to act in accordance with the principles defined in the environmental policy.