Screw Pumps






General Description

TheTtwo- and  Three Screw pumps are used to pump

oils or other lubricating liquids, non-lubricating liquids, or

liquids with poor lubricating properties. The characteristics of the screw

pumps are:

self-priming, very high efficiency,

very low noise level and very well suited for use with

variable speed drives (FU). The liquid is moved fully

continuously, virtually without pulsations, without turbulence,

crushing, or loss of lubrication.



Single- / -double channel, self-priming; the spindles have special

shapes that create sealed chambers, the contents of which

are continuously moved in an axial direction from the suction

side to the pressure side as the spindles rotate. Despite rotation

of the spindles, no turbulence results.

The uniform chamber volumes eliminate crushing forces.