ALLWEILER - A Success Story

Production in 1956


Modern manufacturing today:
Centrifugal pump NIM


1860:   The company was founded by Gotthard Allweiler

1874:   Series manufacturing of manual pumps

1876:   First manufacturing in Radolfzell

1884:   Own foundry

1905:   Production of the first centrifugal and rotary lobe pumps

1909:   Restructuring as a public company

1933:   Manufacturing of cattle drinking bowls

1952:   Manufacturing of screw pumps started

1964:   Purchases of Bottrop plant

            Manufacturing of progressing cavity pumps started

1967:   Development of the complete standardized centrifugal pump series

            Manufacturing of close-coupled pumps, in-line pumps, heat transfer oil pumps and marine pumps

1976:   Purchases of Aschaffenburg plant

1977:   Market launch Macerators

1990:   Manufacturing and delivery of pumps with magnetic couplings

1992:   Market launch peristaltic pumps

1995:   Integration of Houttuin B.V. into ALLWEILER AG

            Manufacturing of 2-screw pumps

1996:   Relocation plant Aschaffenburg to Radolfzell

1998:   ALLWEILER becomes a member of the Colfax Corporation

2001:   Market launch of series ALLHEAT and TRILUB

2002:   Market launch of a progressing cavity pump series for the wastewater market

2003:   Market launch of series ALLTRIMM and MAGDRIVE

2004:   Market launch of series MELO and ALLUB RUV

2005:   Own stator production in Hamburg; Acquisition of Tushaco Pumps, India;

            Opening of plant in Wuxi, China; New Sand Mixer installed in the foundry

2006:   Market launch EMTEC-A

2007:   A new molding machine for the foundry

2008:   Relocation of stator production from Hamburg to Bottrop

            Development of SMART – additional modules (SMART Solutions, ALLREADY)

2009:   Acquisition of PD Technik, Hamburg

            Market launch ALLFUEL

2010:   Market launch ALLMIND

           150th anniversary ALLWEILER

2011:   Renaming ALLWEILER GmbH

2013:   Market launch CM-1000

2015:   Market launch ALLMARINE MI-D

2016:   Relocation of IMO AB manufacturing to Radolfzell/Germany

            Market launch IN-1000

2017:   ALLWEILER becomes a member of CIRCOR

2018:   Market launch OPTIFIX progressing cavity pump

            Market launch EMTEC-C 80bar

            Market launch centrifugal pump ALLMARINE MA-S and MA-C

2019:   Market launch three-screw pump SNA

            Market launch EMTEC-C 100bar

2020:   Market launch pump series AEB-DE

That was then: A fire-extinguishing pump built by Gotthard ALLWEILER in 1865

And this is now: EMTEC®-A

The new pump is designed specifically for moving emulsions and cooling lubricants, but extra-hard special steel and cast iron ensure safety and a high level of wear resistance even when pumping liquids that contain abrasives.