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Marine and Offshore

ALLWEILER gives marine customers complete packages from a single source.


Applications range from supply vessels up to the largest Post-Panamax container vessels. ALLWEILER develops and produces such high-quality products at several European locations.


ALLWEILER products are valued for their low lifecycle costs (LCC). Customers benefit from the use of high-quality materials that lengthen service life, and optimized hydraulics that greatly increase efficiency.


Our products are characterized by:


  • Long service life time


  • Efficiency


  • High MTBF –  Mean Time Between Failure 

     MTBF helps measure the reliability of devices or systems.

     (The higher the MTBF, the greater the product''s reliability.)


  • Short MTTR – Mean Time to Repair

     (The average time before a machine can be put back into operation.)


  • High  ARM –  Availability, Reliability, Maintainability

ALLWEILER''s more than 150 years of experience in the pump business has earned it wide acceptance among original equipment manufacturers (OEM''s) and satisfied end customers (ship owners). Furthermore, the Grey Navy has been successfully using ALLWEILER pumps for more than 70 years.