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What's new at ALLWEILER - at a glance


Night of Radolfzell’s companies

On the 5th of May 2017 the "Night of Radolfzell’s companies" took place. Important companies in the city opened their doors to extraordinary and spectacular places that are not normally seen. Music, artistic acts and culinary highlights made the companies experience this night.

Including Allweiler.



Monitoring vibrations, mechanical seals, and bearings for safety and performance    

With more than 70 years of experience in plastics processing, Switzerland-based Quadrant Group is a leading expert in a wide range of polymer materials and technologies for polymer conversion. In order to maintain a high level of quality in the production process, Quadrant''s heat-transfer pumps must work safely and reliably. These pumps are commonly subjected to high loads. At the same time, failure of a pump can have serious consequences, especially if hot oil escapes. The high loads on the pump are the result of high temperatures and large temperature differentials as well as decomposition reactions that may occur when the heat transfer liquid is subjected to excessive thermal loads.



Pumps for synthetic heat-transfer liquids    

As soon as the temperature in a heat-transfer system becomes too high for water, a plant operator must choose between petroleum-based or synthetic oils as the heat-transfer liquid.  When modern petroleum oils are used, systems with feed temperatures up to about 300 °C can stay in service for their entire service life with one filling and with virtually no maintenance. Once feed temperatures rise above 300 °C, only high-quality synthetic oils will be appropriate. Under these conditions, even minor temperature increases will have a decisive effect on the service life of the oils. An additional 10 °C commonly doubles the product''s specific rate of decomposition. 



Pumps are the heart of heat-transfer plants   

Manufacturers in a variety of industries depend on heat-transfer plants to heat or cool their machines and apparatus. German firm heat11 GmbH & Co. KG specializes in heat-transfer plants of virtually all types. The chemical industry uses their installations for controlling the temperature of reactors and during the production of color pigments and liquid crystals. In the plastics industry, heat-transfer plants are essential for producing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and in the production of CDs and DVDs. But recently, according to heat11’s Managing Director Dietmar Hunold, heat recovery has become an increasingly important application. 



Peristaltic pumps for moving filtration water  

The Eversburg sewage treatment plant is designed to serve 250,000 population equivalents. But in 2005, its actual load was closer to 309,000 population equivalents (COD 80 mg/l), pushing the nitrogen input level above the plant''s capabilities.

To deal with this situation, engineer Peter Sikora organized a team to develop a process-based alternative to biological elimination of nitrogen. The pumps moving filtration water into the nitrogen elimination plant are a critical aspect of the concept. In 2006, the plant began using Allweiler peristaltic pumps as an alternative to the centrifugal pumps from another manufacturer.




Temperature and leak monitoring boosts safety and reliability 

Amcor Flexibles Singen GmbH is a manufacturer of printed and unprinted aluminum-based packaging materials and an experienced technical applications specialist. High-performance drying equipment is essential for Amcor’s production process. Having centralized thermal oil pumps that operate safely and dependably is critical for the drying process.



Display of other technical and reference reports in our archive



Hearts at ACHEMA

ALLWEILER has exhibited at this year''s ACHEMA with an entirely new multimedia show with focus on their solutions and capabilities where pumps form the heart of the system.



Pumps with life insurance

ALLREADY Box has made its debut at ACHEMA. This is a brand-new product designed to provide additional security and extend the service life of pumps.


Updated 2009

Save money with optimization consulting

ALLWEILER AG has been offering individualized consulting services for its customers since early 2008. Representatives from the company’s Radolfzell and Bottrop plants analyze the customer''s entire installation, check pump/motor assemblies, and provide expert advice on how fluid handling procedures can be optimized with specific measures and components. The purposes of these services are to lower energy requirements, increase reliability, and thereby lower maintenance costs. Consultation is meant to be objective and is always provided at no obligation.



Middle East Oil Show a success

Colfax Corporation has had a subsidiary in Bahrain since January 2009. This location provides technical support for sales partners and customers in oil-producing countries on the Persian Gulf while simultaneously expanding the Group’s presence in the region.



Faster deliveries with new machine

Continuous investments for quality and shorter delivery times.



ALLWEILER’s Bottrop plant turns 50

In 2009 ALLWEILER AG’s plant in Bottrop, Germany will celebrate its 50th birthday. This plant specializes in manufacturing progressing cavity pumps and peristaltic pumps, which are used primarily for handling water and wastewater; various applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries; and in food and beverage production. Throughout the year of celebrations, ALLWEILER plans to launch an explosion of ideas, products, innovative services, and consulting options. The ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt (hall 8.0, booth R17-R19) has been the first opportunity for ALLWEILER customers to evaluate the new offerings.



ALLWEILER experts available as speakers

ALLWEILER experts as speakers.



ALLWEILER Service Seminars - real skills for real situations

How can I lower the expense of downtime by improving the stability of my system? How can efficient maintenance extend the service life of a pump system? What can I do to lower my external maintenance costs and how can I avoid mistakes during installation and startup? ALLWEILER service technicians answer these questions and more during seminars at the Radolfzell plant or at the pump operator’s own site.



ALLWEILER product and application training

The seminars target primarily ALLWEILER sales and service partners, not system operators. New ALLWEILER Service Seminars are designed for system operators.



Updated 2008

Major Order for Crude Oil Pumps in Austria

ALLWEILER centrifugal pumps used in oilfield services for the first time.



Colfax Group Opens its Own Technical Support Center in Bahrain

The group increases Colfax’s presence in the region and provides distributors and customers in oil-producing Gulf nations with technical support. Operations began in January, 2009



Colfax Delivers Pumping Systems worth $2 Million for Oil Pipeline in Gabon

In mid-2008 Colfax Corp. delivered 15 pumps and two pump skids to French oil and gas firm Maurel et Prom. The products are destined for an oil field in Gabon where they will pump crude oil more than 140 km, clean the pipeline with high-pressure water, and help ensure the oil''s continued ability to flow. The pumps were manufactured by Colfax companies ALLWEILER and Warren, the skids by Imo.



South African Power Plants Reactivated with ALLWEILER Pumps

South Africa is modernizing and reactivating three mothballed power plants. ALLWEILER AG will provide the high-pressure pumps needed to move heavy oils for the burners.



ALLWEILER Pumps Have Long Service Life in Organic Waste Processing

When used to process organic waste, commercially available pumps can only stay in service for a short period of time. But with ALLWEILER progressing cavity pumps, Marchfelder BioEnergie GmbH of  Austria has achieved much longer service periods.



Econo-Pack for ALLWEILER Customers

ALLWEILER AG has begun offering special packages of spare parts for all standard pumps. They contain all of the parts that must be replaced during standard maintenance and which have similar usage cycles.



New ATEX Certificates

Progressing cavity pumps, peristaltic pumps, and macerators are also certified for use in dusty atmospheres, the ALLTRIMM series is also ATEX compliant.